Certifying a document meets the PlainLanguagePro standards

An authorised PlainLanguagePro certifier may certify that a document meets the PlainLanguagePro standards and place a PlainLanguagePro mark on a document.

Find a PlainLanguagePro certifier

Why most documents should be certified

Displaying a PlainLanguagePro mark

PlainLanguagePro certifiers carefully examine the document and its development process. If it meets one of the PlainLanguagePro standards, the certifier will register the document via plainlanguagepro.org.

PlainLanguagePro assessment process

A document or website or app may only display a PlainLanguagePro mark if it has been properly certified and registered. Legal or other action may be taken against a document owner displaying a mark on a document that has not been certified and registered.

Putting a PlainLanguagePro mark on a document

PlainLanguagePro fees

Document owners may negotiate the certification fee with certifiers. Certifiers who are involved with developing the document often include the certification fee in their consulting or editing charges.
Certifiers must pay to register a PlainLanguagePro document. The current fees are:
BRONZE – A$30, SILVER – A$60, GOLD – A$90 (plus GST if registered in Australia).