Benefits of being a certifier

Becoming an authorised PlainLanguagePro certifier sets you apart

Becoming a PlainLanguagePro certifier demonstrates you have specific attributes. It says you are different to other writers, editors and consultants.

The application process involves other PlainLanguagePro certifiers. They consider your application to make sure you have the required expertise and understanding. When you become a certifier, your peers will have acknowledged your skills and experience. They will have judged you to be an effective plain language professional.

Being a recognised expert in the field will make you more valuable to your clients or employer. And that can increase your income.

Becoming a PlainLanguagePro certifier gives you another product to sell

Certifers working as freelance contractors can sell a certification mark in addition to their regular writing services.

As a plain language professional, your work likely already meets the PlainLanguagePro standards. Registering the document so that you can include a PlainLanguagePro certification trademark requires very little additional effort. But it significantly increases the value of the document to your client.

What you charge for the additional value you provide is between you and your client.

Becoming a certifier increases your value to your organisation

Certifiers working as employees within an organisation can set the standard for internal and external written communication. You may become the organisation’s ‘gatekeeper’.

Other people in the organsiation will likely seek out your expertise to help them write plainly and communicate well. You may find your influence within the organisation grows as you drive excellence in written material.

The ability to communicate plainly and clearly is in high demand. It is one aspect of effective leadership.